Artist Statement

My recent work is inspired by emphasizing the negative spaces generally, the unseen places in the landscape. The thin, uneven lines, dividing and breaking up the subtle flat fields of color gradually become events.

My paintings are about the process of painting, enticing the viewer to see how their story fits into the imagery I have created. Much like an afternoon spent cloud watching and the dialogue necessary to balance on that narrow space between objectivity and subjectivity when explaining/convincing what one sees in the sky above.

I use an arsenal of tools rather than brushes; the application of paint through a variety of methods is an essential aspect of the process. The tools have evolved as the paintings have; I strive to apply paint with no familiarity or knowledge of the response or textural aspects associated with each tool.

Every mark made shapes the human canvas, directs it, guides it, pushes it and alters it. A series of multiple relationships that transform in hue and intensity, shade and tone, dimension and direction through some designated time frame leaving an imprint.

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